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DARIT 2 Soft Cases of Fire Blanket Fiberglass Cloth Fire Rescue Blanket (1M X 2M) (2)

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A SURVIVAL FIRE BLANKET】:Fire blankets are a fast way to smother a fire in an emergency. Primarily for use on hot oil fires in kitchens such as frying pans or small deep fat fryers. They can also be used on small bin fires or on someone whose clothing has caught fire. This double sided white silicone coated glasscloth blanket is the best performing fire blanket material in the range.
【EASY TO USE】:Pull down the fire blanket,slowly cover the fire,(don’t pull back it right away),turn off the heat source,throw away it after the temperature is down.the fire cover is just for one-time use.Can be used simply without training
【HIGH QUALITY】:Fiberglass cloth.Fire blanket can extinguishes fire by suffocating it,so it extinguishes both liquid and grease fire.Emergency Flame Retardent Shelter Safety Cover Isolates high temperatures,heat source and the flame.It had reached the EN-1869:1997standard.
【PACKAGE】:Fire Blanket(1m X 2m).+ Free Gloves.Gloves are not fire-fighting gloves.They are only used to check the fire blanket and clean after using.


The small fire blanket measures 1m by 2 m and can be used for grease, electrical, gasoline, wood or leaf fires. Fire blankets are specifically made for the purpose of putting out fires before they spread. Made out of fiberglass yarn and a fire retardant,, making it easy for anyone in your household to smother most fires before getting burned. It only takes a matter of seconds for a small fire to spread and cause property damage, injury or death. It is important in these instances to have a device that is portable, easily stored and accessible. Often times our natural inclination is to use whatever is closest. This may be baking soda, a lid or water. However, depending on the severity of the fire or the type of fire, flames will continue to grow. Having a fire blanket placed in an accessible area such as the kitchen, where fires are most likely to occur, is ideal to ensuring the safety of your home.


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